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  1. Scaletta93

    pee script code

    hey everyone can any one make on code to pee for use w/ the injector
  2. Scaletta93

    creating interiors mafia 1

    how can i do that like the city bars mod? and what tools i neeed?
  3. Scaletta93

    site info Ranks

    i'm sorry sometimes i confuse portuguese words with english words, what i'm trying to say before, when you was a capo will be a color for you,below the topics when show who is online do you understend now, or my english is to much bad?
  4. Scaletta93

    site info Ranks

    nice to have the old rank system back, the legend will be like before the color for wich rank?
  5. Scaletta93

    technical help Mafia 1 Crash

    may you can try reinstall or download it again i don't know i dont use steam the internet in my city it's a shit i only buy in disc anyway or might could be windows problems,search on the google windows xp memory crash error, i really don't understend just trying to help.
  6. Scaletta93

    police siren and lights

    if you wanna start modding this may help: basic of modding: basic of scripting: list of particles: list of animations: script references, you can find all commands here:
  7. Scaletta93

    Hideout and Salieri's Bar Mod (Released)

    thanks man
  8. Scaletta93

    Hideout and Salieri's Bar Mod (Released)

    hey johncena1 the download section is in maintenance can you upload your mod to mediafire, i want to play it again i had this mod, but last week i made a little cleaning in my pc and i deleted more then 500gb and also if someone have the matteo's capo 4 mod and upload it i will be grateful.
  9. you will be better, like say my grandma "bad vase don't get broken"
  10. Scaletta93

    games off topic Battlefield 4!!!

    i really don't like fps,only thing you can do is kill and in the most of times the history is weak and i'm a shit at multiplayer i kill 4 and die 89 times per match , what i'm really waiting is watch dogs and gta 5.
  11. Scaletta93

    Made Man mod

    you know a cool thing to add, mini games like the casino mod the Prohibition was the coolest mafia time, with loyalty and respect, things that we don't have in our days. anyway nice mod dude!
  12. Scaletta93


    hey can anyone upload one smoke a cigaratte lua script the one who i made in mafia 2 console never works please someone upload
  13. Scaletta93

    Write 5 things you absolutely want from Mafia 3

    f*ck hookers get drunk smoke watch black an white tv lol and have girlfriends
  14. Scaletta93

    Hideout and Salieri's Bar Mod (Released)

    nice dude
  15. Thanks very much, Scaletta Just one question: 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th frets should be pressed on a single string one after another, for instance on e or E, or on different strings, for example 5th fret on high e, 6th on B, 7th on G and 8th fret on D? one after another you come and gone all right, you can play in any string you like or change the frets like 12th 13th 14th and there goes
  16. Scaletta93

    New Mod: Violetti Mod

    nice man
  17. Scaletta93

    games off topic Sleeping Dogs

    it is a great game but pass on china and i don't like comunism
  18. i play eletric guitar and acoustic too sometimes me and my uncle go play in some bars to make some dough and catch some girls he is my best uncle :lol:
  19. Scaletta93

    general off topic What your

    but now serious i like riding a horse but i dont know if it is a sport
  20. Scaletta93

    general off topic What your

    my favorite sport is lifting of cup and pitching cigarette stub
  21. Scaletta93

    games off topic Re: fav. Games

    gta vicy city and iv and eflc skyrim yeah but dont worry i m not a nerd :silly: splinter cell mafia 1 & 2 the punisher cod black ops max payne series and l.a noire almost forget mortal kombat
  22. we have a favorite music topic why don't one for cars :woohoo: all right here we go my favorite cars is not from america it is from brasil my brother is a lawyer in the same sao paulo from max payne 3 hehe and it have this car it is a: Chevrolet Opala 250-s 78 by the group general motors it have a 8 cylender in line 250HP but if you put turbo and supercharge the engine it can goes to 800HP Top Speed something about 210 miles per hour i can't say correctly because the speedometer are in kilometro or something like that it goes from 0 to 60 miles in 4,1 seconds. it is the fast car in brasil since 78 and still is i test him every time i go for sao paulo to see my brother i tell mine which is yours?
  23. hey guys do anyone have the lua script for eat food in the plate in the bars like in five charpter?