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    Mods by dandwel

    MODS BY DANDWELL v1.8 1. Fixed yuzanii car gang 2. Returned to the regeneration 3. Increased pedestrian traffic in the summer and winter version 4. Posted parking of trucks and buses (bugs) Installation: copy the files from the archive on the path where you installed the game, Further along the path in the archive make a backup of replaced files ------------------------------------------------------------------- licensed by files 2kczech in 2kgames This updating is directed on game improvement, copyrights aren't broken, and you in turn shouldn't break, respect them the author a fashion To specify the author a fashion at carrying over in any other site ----------------------------------------------------------- modifikation by dandwell DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?j6a7od6ewtaqso2
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    Animation for human entity

    ??? ??? ??? ?? ??,???? ??? ??? ?? :SetPhysState(enums.PhysicsState.DISABLED)-????????? ??? ??????????? ? ??? ??????? :SetPhysState(enums.PhysicsState.DYNAMIC)-?????????? :SetPhysState(enums.PhysicsState.KINEMATIC)-????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ?
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    Garage mod by dandwell

    Yes Ex :lol:
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    Garage mod by dandwell

    While the second garage Joe in all game only is opened mafia22012-01-3122-01-22-29.jpg[/attachment:190ppm4n] http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/mafi ... 42022.html
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    Garage mod by dandwell

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    ??????? by Kirill_Fan

    ??? ???? ??? ???? ?? ??? ? ??? ???,? ? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??????? ??? ???????
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    Garage mod by dandwell

    ??,?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ?,????? ??? ??????,???? ??? ?? ??? ? ??? ??? ??? ????? ??? ?,??
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    Garage mod by dandwell

    ??,?????? ??? ??????? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ???? ??? ,?????? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??? ?????
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    Car Racing in Empire Bay

    Well here, it as though a glitch, but not stable repeaters
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    dandwell mods v1.0

    DANDWELL MODS V1.0 1. The behavior of gangsters to police is changed, now they won't escape during shooting, but all the same will escape if ?? at them a little 2. Updating of the passenger version 2, simply approach to a passenger door press F standardly and everything, now the person won't escape even if to get out and again to climb, behavior of passers-by has returned, now panic 3. Updating of twilight, for those who loves this film, clamp the right button of the mouse and forward Installation: to copy 2 files from archive on the way where game/pc/sds/tables/is established To make becap replaced files I PRAY TO SPECIFY THE AUTHOR THE FASHION! IF WANT TO LAY OUT THE GIVEN UPDATING ON OTHER SITES! http://depositfiles.com/files/aehoqj6o3
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    dandwell mods v1.0

    And well I have already added it there, thanks
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    dandwell mods v1.0

    I can't add there loading :'(
  13. Passenger cars and shooting So Vito landing on the passenger seat and press the button F on the passenger side Installation: unzip, Copy tables.sds in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/mafia ii/pc/sds/tables Before use, make a backup To shoot from a car needs a script, the script does not work in a single company, it works only in the adventures of Joe in a freeride for Joe's adventures v2.0 eXistenZ34 just add the in freeraid_main.sds : if game.game:GetActivePlayer():GetControlStyleStr()~="CS_ENABLESHOOTFROMCAR" then game.game:GetActivePlayer():SetControlStyleStr("CS_ENABLESHOOTFROMCAR")end that would shoot, press the right mouse button video demonsration modification: http://www.mediafire.com/?nqljlmtecr12jpi autor: dandwell please follow the rules if you want to put your modification on another site, the authorship! Thanks
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    MAFIA II passenger cars and shooting

    yes sds tool in joes adventures freeride
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    MAFIA II - melee weapons

  16. dandwell

    MAFIA II - melee weapons

    How did you shoot from the car as a passenger ? And how did you open the Stadium area in 0:41 ? Spoiler for Hiden: What about shooting,This is my modification, but this is another topic for discussion will be,stadium is not open UTB simple icon
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    MAFIA II - melee weapons

    Unfortunately yet hasn't found as to add the weapon what was not hidden and didn't break game, but I try wait for news
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    MAFIA II - melee weapons

    All greetings here that I have achieved friends, I from Russian if that