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  1. ocram

    Multi Script for FR M2

    Nice but Hmmm, will loading the chinese or italie StreamMapLine, make a race same as Frracing with countdown, road signs ,timers,wrong way warning, refuel etc ... ? or it just enable some cars ?
  2. ocram

    Show Quest Dialog by Zahar999 & me

    yhea I saw that, its probably to high to go, so instant teleport,..I wish I had a lift like this
  3. ocram

    Mafia II - Taxi Ride

    kaminski,farhad_999 For Now I am working on trying to get working the click on map, to set the destination of the Taxi. (The green line you see in game). The Cab is for now working perfectly,I climb into any cab that pass in the street, and send him where I want (with for now pre-recorded destinations using bindkeys). My script shuffle a bit the way the drivers behave (ways of driving) so it changes one from another. and on the way I can ask the driver to go slower or to put the pedal to the floor for a few extra bucks. If I work onto the green line it is because in Fr compare to the Injector there is no Bindkey command, so as I said on the first posts of this topic, I had the choice to make a menu, where you can chose your destination, or to get that green line working... (the use of the phone to call a cab is to find out as well) If it takes to long I'll release a menu version of it for a start. Ican make a video of a cab ride if you want, but well just a car driving hey Ps: and yes try to be THE driver of the cab for work is one of my goal, but well mafia2 is not that easy to mod as mafia1..
  4. ocram

    Multi Script for FR M2

    eXistenZ did you try to get that highway racing script Fr to work, I just can make it work and I am out of idears
  5. ocram

    Mafia II - Taxi Ride

    Hellofarhad_999 Yes, the Taxi was supposed to be included into the game. but it has been disabled... anyway somme left-over animations and text files are still around. TAXI_CALL-A and TAXI_CALL-B one lift the arm forward to make a sign to a cab, the other one just bend the shoulder , those two animation are supposed to be played simultaneously.So vito put the shoulder to the right and lift the arm. Look at 3:00' http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xqr8f7_mafia2-2012-05-10-taxi-driver-nervous-driving-ability-test_videogames#rel-page-under-2
  6. ocram

    Mod request for Cshllb Mafia 2

    empty shubert pickup are certainly into the game ...
  7. ocram

    can anybody give me some tips?

    Fr JA is v3, but v2 should work, watch installation tuto on eXistenZ mod toppics.
  8. ocram

    Can someone please import this for me as a shirt

    snipeingkicker go watch your others topic : How do i mod clothes files?
  9. ocram

    How do i mod clothes files?

    [align=center:26ikxw9x][video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]r7ZfsKO3eks [/align:26ikxw9x]
  10. Well as I don't play 'Roulette' I am unlucky at casino too :silly:
  11. ocram

    Mafia 2 - interesting stuff

    yes nice, there is two places you can do this, OnHill and DownTown but that m02Loco is ugly, I tried without succes for now to swap them with the nice train we have. and to make a route like the bus with followtrail instead of just a short distance will be nice.
  12. When you have a lucky thing, you want it to stay that way all times. and with numbers, it is not easy, for example if 7 is your lucky number. If you see it several times,you'll loose your luck,for example: 3 times 7, unfortunatly 21 comes along, and it is not your lucky number anymore ... So for me my lucky number is '0' ! look here: 45 * 0 == 0 16 * 0 == 0 13 * 0 == 0 I win on all numbers,so my luck stays always the same :evil: He he (Well just unlucky lottery tickets, doesn't have Zero on it)
  13. ocram

    Injector v6 Premade Lua Files with bind keys

    Very nice I wanted to upload it but I couldn't. (same goes for nocd5 necessary to use injector or somme mods.It is available here on mafiascene just for info:http://mafiascene.net/downloads/viewdownload/3-mafia-ii/276-no-cd-require.
  14. ocram

    Mafia 2 - interesting stuff

    well this animation is for him seating inside the train... probably a mission,or a forgotten anim for making one of there fmv movies. but effectively trains were supposed to be available, several disabled command ingame for train. got that couple of month ago, so as soon as I find the animation again I post a screenshot.
  15. ocram

    Mafia 2 - interesting stuff

    Did you know that Vito was supposed to be in a train crash.. I found an animation for Vito that take the crash seating position ( same as in planes) that is call Vito_train_crash something...