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  1. Mafioso

    Mafia 3

    LOL hahaha I feel stupid and surprised I have never heard of it before
  2. Mafioso

    Mafia 3

    2k czech hinted today through their twitter account that: <<Hope you guys are getting ready for Movember. It's going to be a big one this year! #2kmo >>. So they say that something is coming this November. They wrote <> and at first I thought it was a mispelling but they replied to a question afterwards and reused the term. What do I think? I think that Movember stands for M-afia in N-ovember. What do you guys think?
  3. Mafioso

    Mafia 3

    I have to say that too many people usually ask 2k czech about mafia 3 and they never reply to those questions. Now seeing the parent company posting officially such a video with the mafia 3 hint , it means that they no longer ignore those questions. On the contrary they actually let them appear publicly from their own channel. This means a lot! You should also stay tuned to mafia 2 forums because there is a similar ongoing thread there
  4. Mafioso

    Mafia 3

    I have this feeling something good is about to be revealed. we still have 3 days ( including today ) for a game announcement at gamescom... fingers crossed...................
  5. It might sound weird but Walter Coupe is by far the best car for me. I like the fact that is slow and small and thus better in handling than other cars. Apart from that Dezilia is the boss!!
  6. Mafioso

    Mafia III????

    A few days ago I went through something interesting in terms of a possible game anouncement that could be a mafia sequel. 2kczech which developed both mafia games is now making an entry in the social media starting a facebook and twitter account ( both official ) and at the same time they said a new site for their company is about to be launched in early August. It goes without saying that the majority of people who ask them (in facebook and twitter ) about a possible new game anouncement always mention a sequel for Mafia 2. I believe it's the right time for a new mafia game to come out because new generation consoles are launching at the end of the year and around 3 years have passed since Mafia 2 which is hell of a time for a game to be developed. All we got to do is wait with fingers crossed and hope for the best. twitter facebook
  7. Mafioso

    Happy Tenth Birthday, Mafia!

    Mafia 1. Lot's of memories come out when I hear this . The so clever and marvelous missions, the driving, the gun shootings, Sam the bastard, Ralph, the freeride extreme, Sarah, the love scene, the church, the countryside. You just have to love this game because it's a classic. It's like those Hollywood films that come in tones every year but you will find only one that you will watch for many times and even learn the quotes by heart. Mafia is a classic game. You will never say that is too old with outdated graphics. You can still play it 10 years after it's release and say << that was hell of a story >> Have you ever thought if Mafia 2 would deserve to remember its release date ? Every time I drive in Empire Bay it's like trying to find a lost soul in there that will never reveal its self. We need Mafia III if we want to avoid depression ;D ;D
  8. I thought Freeride Mafia II and Joe's adventures were different projects...
  9. Mafioso

    Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v3.0

    Unfortunately these roads do not exist although they are placed in the map. My guess, and for most people I am sure, is that these are sections that were cut out from the final product. If I remember correctly from one of the maps that was released before the game come out , there was a racing field for cars and possibly a quest related to it but it must have not been implemented finally in the story.
  10. Mafioso

    Prediction: Mafia III to debut in 2012?

    Guys let's get a few things straight: first of all Daniel Vavra not only has his own game studio right now,where he is working on a medieval game, but he has also stated ( can't find the source ) that he has lost interest in the mafia era. I personally understand him after what 2k did to his game. Secondly I have seen that Mafia III was to be made for the new generation consoles like ps4 and xbox 720 BUT because of a huge lack of programmers and game deisgners etc in 2k czech they will likely make the game for the already existing consoles ps3 and xbox360. No mention was made regarding pc but I am sure pc version is a must . I have to say that I don't know what would be the outcome of a Mafia sequel without the ''magical'' hand of Daniel Vavra and I hope they don;t make it a linear boring game . Mafia deserves to be a sandbox with special features and that's all we want. We have to wait until we see an update on that matter. I would be grateful if the anouncement was to be made before Christmas
  11. Mafioso

    I wonder if

    This house is rumored to had been Vito's first but it didn't make it to the final product although we can see there is a different door for that house and a garage disabled nearby.
  12. Mafioso

    Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v3.0

    Hooray!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  13. Mafioso

    Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v2.0

    Nice, I can't wait. I am sure all the little changes like real opening doors and the accessible areas will give a lot more replay value for Mafia ][
  14. If we are being chased by the police, will this take out the <> condition??
  15. Greece? You chose Greece despite the whole situation going on here? At least you will find good prices. Anyway hope you enjoy it.