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    Re: Water shader mod

    Hi. As you may know, Mafia uses DirectX8, but doesn't use all its available potential. So I attempted to fix it and replace terrible original water with shaded one. To achieve it I hooked game's calls to directx and changed its rendering process a bit, also I wrote the shaders, but there are not too fancy, because dx8 maximum supported shader model is 1.4 which is pretty old. Water now reflects and refracts the city, also there is simplified Fresnel effect. It tuned differently for each mission for a better look. Only missions without new water are countryside and port missions. Screenshots: You can download it here: How to install: - backup all files, which you will replace with modified ones. - copy archive contents into game's folder, except for "game versions" folder. - get DLL from "game versions" folder which corresponds to your version of the game (1.0/1.1/1.2) and replace original LS3DF.dll by it (do not forget to backup original file). - play. Also, there is more shading effects possible, so stay tuned, lol. FPS will not change too much comparing to the original game (actually doesn't change at all on all tested PCs). Known issues: - mod is not very friendly with sky-retexturing mods, but it will be fixed. - sometimes water shows inside the prison in the prison mission (will be fixed too). - in some missions you can see some black horizontal hole in the sky. then you'd better remove O_*.4ds and denjasno2.4ds from models.
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    Tutorial by djbozkosz: Glow Objects

    Great trick!
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    Re: Water shader mod

    >Yep, did exactly what you said in the instructions. And no, my game's vanilla. it's impossible, submit a screenshot of your game's folder. and you didn't forget to replace original ls3df.dll with a new one from "game versions" folder, corresponding to your version? what version do you have? and you didn't answer other questions: > Do any other mods work with your game? Do you have some modded textures/models/missions?
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    Re: Water shader mod

    >EDIT 2: Tried it, but the water stays the same even after copying all the required files. You did something wrong, because I nulled original water object, so at least you should see no water at all but not original one. Are you sure, you put mod files in the same folder where game.exe is? Do any other mods work with your game? Do you have some modded textures/models/missions? Anyone else tried it? Because I was posting it on, and the last version of the water works fine on all these guys (except one with gf5600 videocard for unknown reason).
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    Re: Water shader mod

    Uploaded now, didn't notice this section at first time. ... shader-mod