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  1. This is the first freeride mod by Costa (2010) with some changes, which was made by me long time ago, but i found it only recently. So, if you feel nostalgia, you can use this mod.  Changes:  - 6 types of weather (I changed weather in the mod to more pleasant) - You start the game inside the Joe's flat (Instead in front of garage near Joe's house) - You can find Joe on Vito's house in Uptown (Instead in front of garage near Joe's house) - You can find Henry on Vito's house in Greenfield (Instead in front of garage near Joe's house) - You can find Potomac Indian, Jefferson Provincial, Hank B in garage - You are armed with S&W .38, MP40, Tommy-gun, Molotov cocktail - You have $5000 cash  Drop "pc" to "Mafia 2".  Links:
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    Oyster Bay

    Oh! Thank you very much. :cheer:
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    Oyster Bay

    Please, help me! I need original files "oysterbay.sds" and "oysterbay_z.sds" from Mafia 2.
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    1950's Traffic

    This mod replaces cars from 40's winter traffic to a cars from 50's summer traffic and some cars in summer traffic. In my opinion, this mod is good for a freeride.  Car list (in the left - default cars):  Smith Coupe - Smith Custom 200 Culver Empire Police Special - Smith Custom 200 Police Special Shubert 38 Taxi - Quicksilver Windsor Taxi Shubert 38 - Smith Mainline Shubert 38 Panel Truck - Shubert Beverley Shubert AB - Chaffeque XT Walter Rocket - Chaffeque XT Walter Coupe - Walter Utility Smith Wagon Deluxe - Walter Utility Smith V8 - Potomac Indian Milk Truck - Milk Truck with no logo  Screen:  Links:
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    Thanks all!
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    Hi all. I create the civil version of milk truck ("Divco" is its real life name). I removed texture with cow and create a version for 40's segment of game. I hope you like it. It is my first mod. (: Sorry for my english. (: Screenshot: Download: