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  1. eXistenZ34

    Je suis Charlie

    Thank you and long live freedom of expression in the world. Merci, et vive la liberté d'expression dans le monde.
  2. Autumn in Mafia 2. [video=youtube] Summer transition, autumn and winter in FR JA v4.0 If you are good with Photoshop or other software, you can create can be other seasons like spring or autumn / winter, winter / spring etc ... Files Autumn created by Nalgash 2010 http://mafia2jobs.blogspot.fr/ File modification "city_crash.sds, fredy.sds, fast.sds, illia.sds...", work not yet finished . For Game, DLC & FreeRide. Test Carcyclopedia for FR Test Prison for FR M2 Test Office Price for FR JA v4.0
  3. eXistenZ34

    site news Rene, Crazy Preacher

    Hi the community, I've been away a long time and I am sad to see this new. RIP my friend CrazyPreacher.
  4. eXistenZ34

    Some new work from Zahar999

    Wrong, this DLC is autonomous, like the DLC joe he needs to run the update 4. and it works very well: Game + Friends For Life: only
  5. eXistenZ34

    Some new work from Zahar999

  6. eXistenZ34

    Full story of Joe Unlock

    The activated area depende in large party of the file city_univers.sds and is diferent in M2 & JA. in M2 you can't have hillwood villa, cathouse, supermarcket, Big garage, imprimery & M-hotel ... In Ja you can't have Derek, Full empire, prison, Full chinese restaurant, mansion .... it is not in Skyrim with the CK (creation kit) provided by Bethesda.
  7. eXistenZ34

    Problem with JA FR 3.0

    We must have the DLC and update 3 or higher.
  8. eXistenZ34

    Full story of Joe Unlock

    Progress Full story of Joe Unlock for the DLC JA 60%
  9. eXistenZ34

    US Army Culver Empire Paint Job

    Hi, all cars where you can change color in the game, have no skin inside the sds file. so it's impossible. and cars that can not change color in the game, have a skin inside the file sds : Jeep, taxi, bus, hank, gai_353 .....
  10. eXistenZ34

    Full story of Joe Unlock

    Sorry i work only in DLC Joe's aventure since 2010. In 2010 on FR M2 there was Costa, Gvozden, .... they all abandoned M2, in early 2011. and me, I do not have enough time to work on all FR. but a party of "Full story of Joe Unlock v1.0" used a modification of a common file of DLC anf FR of DLC. this modification can be applied easily to the game and all DLC and I will call it Ultra Mod, A bit like the Super Mod of Zahaar, who is only usable in the Port. it's E-Key for Option player & car and I'll try to finish it before "Full story of Joe Unlock v1.0".
  11. eXistenZ34

    Modern cars Mods - request

    2K does not want to provide SDK (Software Development Kit) to modify his game. Also we can not add anything in the game, and it is also very difficult to modier the file.
  12. eXistenZ34


    HolyDeath3000 look here Russian communauty are very active (Zahaar666 and more) http://www.playground.ru/files/mafia_2/ Site see download section http://mafia.czech-games.net/mafia-ii/modifikace/ German Site see download section http://mafia-daily.net/m2physx-optimierung/ http://mafia2.scorpions.cz/download/mafia-2-mody
  13. eXistenZ34

    Mafia 2 Skins

    Hi, 1) Use SDS tool for unpack and repack .sds file. 2) Use Paint.NET or other log for modify .dds image. - xxxxd.dds - MIP_xxxxd.sds 3) Repack .sds file. see here for SDS tool. http://mafiascene.net/forums/10-mod-help/141-sds-tool-v1-0-3