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    Staff Members - Do You Qualify?

    As we re open Mafia Scene, we are looking for staff members.

    If you are currently a staff member at Mafia Scene (.com), you are eligible to become a staff member here at Mafia Scene(.net).

    If you are not and are interested in a staff position, please apply via our "Private Inquiry" in our forums.

    Eligible members must meet the following criteria:

    • 18+ years of age
    • Active on our website or active at Mafia Scene(.com)
    • Knowledge of forum software, moderation capabilities
    • References


    When you submit your inquiry, please include the following:
    Are you currently a staff member at Mafia Scene(.com)? : Yes/No
    Please tell us about your technical experiences.(ie. forum knowledge, past forum moderation positions.)
    Please list any references. *These will be checked*


    We look forward to building a positive environment here at Mafia Scene, and with that means we need the best qualified people on our team. We thank you in advance for your submission and look forward to chatting with each of you.


    Mafia Scene Team

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