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    Social Media Promotion

    Hello Mafia Scene!

    We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! We wanted to update you about a feature that is available to our modders.

    Our approved modders will have the abilty to publish news about their mod directly to our homepage for everyone to see. We feel that this is necessary to get information to the community. In addition, the news will be published automatically on the homepage as well as in our forums.

    The second feature our modders will have is the abilty to promote their news item to social media. Once a modder clicks on "Promote To Social Media" they will be presented with an information box. After that information box is filled out the news is ready to submit directly to the Mafia Scene Facebook and Twitter page.

    We feel this feature will help expose the modder's work to a wide range of Mafia players who use social media daily. It also allows them to do what they do best, mod the game! They don't have to focus on logging into Facebook or Twitter to post information when they can do it directly from Mafia Scene!

    We hope these features will be used and enjoyed by the community to help make information and news about mods easier to get.

    We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years! See you in 2018!

    Mafia Scene Staff

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