Mafia 1 - How do I change cars in the racing mission?

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I'm just wondering if it's possible to somehow change what car you are driving in the "Fair play" mission. Getting bored driving the same car over and over, would be nice to see how I go in a different one, maybe another of the racers or why not any of the prototypes. :)



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Use Mafia Data Xtractor: http://www.moddb.com/games/mafia/downloads/mafia-data-xtractor-v11 to extract the game files, paste it in the main mafia folder and click the shortcut and extract all of the files, wait for this to finish. Then make a copy of the models folder, somewhere else on your pc (for backup). Now, find the car you want to replace and the one to replace it using the list below. and copy the one that will replace it to somewhere else and rename it to the same name as the car you are going to replace, copy it back and click copy and replace, it should now show up the new car.


Below is the list of the cars names in the models folder in the game directory. 

Ordinary cars

[spoiler:1dmuv2rl]Bolt Ace Coupe - fordtco00.4ds

Bolt Ace Fordor - fordtFor00.4ds

Bolt Ace Pickup - fordtpi00.4ds

Bolt Ace Runabout - fordtru00.4ds

Bolt Ace Touring - fordtto00.4ds

Bolt Ace Tudor - fordtTud00.4ds

Bolt Model B Cabriolet - ForAca00.4ds

Bolt Model B Coupe - ForAcou00.4ds

Bolt Model B Delivery - ForAde00.4ds

Bolt Model B Fordor - ForAfo00.4ds

Bolt Model B Pickup - ForApic00.4ds

Bolt Model B Roadster - ForAro00.4ds

Bolt Model B Tudor - ForAtu00.4ds

Bolt V8 Coupe - forVco00.4ds

Bolt V8 Fordor - forVfor00.4ds

Bolt V8 Roadster - forVRo00.4ds

Bolt V8 Touring - forVto00.4ds

Bolt V8 Tudor - forVtud00.4ds

Brubaker 4WD - miller00.4ds

Bruno Speedster 851 - speedster00.4ds

Caesar 8C 2300 Racing - alfa00.4ds

Caesar 8C Mostro - alfa8C00.4ds

Celeste Marque 500 - merced500K00.4ds

Corrozella C-Otto 4WD - bugatti00.4ds

Crusader Chromim Fordor - pontFor00.4ds

Crusader Chromim Tudor - pontTud00.4ds

Falconer - blackha00.4ds

Falconer Gangster - black00.4ds

Falconer Yellowcar - taxi.4ds, taxi00.4ds, taxi10.4ds

Guardian Terraplane Coupe - hudcou00.4ds

Guardian Terraplane Fordor - hudfor00.4ds

Guardian Terraplane Tudor - hudtu00.4ds

Lassiter V16 Appolyon - hartmann00.4ds

Lassiter V16 Charon - hearseCa00.4ds

Lassiter V16 Fordor - cad_ford00.4ds

Lassiter V16 Phaeton - cad_phaeton00.4ds

Lassiter V16 Police - polCad00.4ds

Lassiter V16 Roadster - cad_road00.4ds

Schubert Extra Six Fordor - chemaFor00.4ds

Schubert Extra Six Police Fordor - polimFor00.4ds

Schubert Extra Six Tudor - chematud00.4ds

Schubert Extra Six Police Tudor - polimTud00.4ds

Schubert Six - chev00.4ds

Schubert Six Police - poli00.4ds

Silver Fletcher - arrow00.4ds

Thor 810 Phaeton FWD - cordPh00.4ds

Thor 810 Sedan FWD - cordSe00.4ds

Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD - cordCa00.4ds

Trautenberg Model J - deuseJco00.4ds

Trautenberg Racer 4WD - deusenberg00.4ds

Ulver Airstream Fordor - airflFor00.4ds

Ulver Airstream Tudor - airflTud00.4ds

Wright Coupe - buiCou00.4ds

Wright Coupe Gangster - buigang00.4ds

Wright Fordor - buiFor00.4ds

Bolt Ambulance - Ambulance00.4ds

Bolt Firetruck - fire00.4ds

Bolt Hearse - hearseA00.4ds

Bolt Truck Flatbed - truckA00.4ds

Bolt Truck Covered - truckB00.4ds

Bolt Truck - truckBx00.4ds[/spoiler:1dmuv2rl]


[spoiler:1dmuv2rl]Black Dragon 4WD - blackdragon00.4ds

Black Metal 4WD - chevroletm6H00.4ds

Bob Mylan 4WD - hotrodp200.4ds

Bolt-Thrower - Thunderbird00.4ds

Crazy Horse - FThot00.4ds

Demoniac - hotrodp300.4ds

Flame Spear 4WD - hotrodp600.4ds

Flamer - Flamer00.4ds

Flower Power - Bolt Model A Delivery

Hillbilly 5.1 FWD - Tbirdold00.4ds

Hotrod - FordHOT00.4ds

Luciferon FWD - phantom00.4ds

Manta Taxi FWD - phantomtaxi00.4ds

Masseur - fordApick00.4ds

Masseur Taxi - fordApickTaxi00.4ds

Mutagen FWD - cord_sedanH00.4ds

Speedee 4WD - hotrodp400.4ds[/spoiler:1dmuv2rl]

Additional cars

[spoiler:1dmuv2rl]brouk00.4ds - VW Beetle

bigfoot00.4ds - Monster Truck coloured brown ( based on Bolt B ) - same as in Little Italy Park Mod 2

bigfoot.4ds - Monster Truck coloured blue

bull00.4ds - Bulldozer

xedos00.4ds - Mazda Xedos

bus00.4ds - Bus

panz.4ds - Tank (you cannot steer left and right; only straight driving)

9motorka.4ds - Motorcycle with box (very unstable)

toyota00.4ds - Model of Toyota

traktor.4ds - Tractor from suburban areas

truckbxx00.4ds - Truck from the docks with text "Atlantic Import" from mission "Just For Relaxation"

trucknajezd.4ds - Truck with a ramp for racing cars - in Free Extreme is placed in three locations marked on the map (in attachment)

truckmorph.4ds - Truck from mission 10 "Trip To The Country", in which we are trying to lose the gansgters

Salina.4ds - Tram (only in Carcyclopedia)[/spoiler:1dmuv2rl]

You need to extract folder 'Models' using Mafia Data Xtractor. I will write a tutorial on how to replace the cars at a later time.


If you want to know, how to replace cars in Mafia 1, you should read this http://mafiascene.net/forum/10-mod-help ... in-mafia-1


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