Exporting models from Souce engine-based games.

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This tutorial about how to convert models from Source engine-based games such Half-Life 2 and L4D.


First, if you want to export models from one of this games, you must have:


1) Game (Half-Life 2, S:S, Day of Defeat: Source, L4D, Vampire: The Masquarade, etc.);

2) Noesis;

3) Textures converter

4) Hex Workshop.


Lets work!:


1) You nust known, that models are placed in "Models" ?nd textures for them placed in "Materials\Models\ [model name]". Models have *.MDL format but you must extract all files with name of *.MDL. VALVe make a renders of the models with same names as *.MDL in models directory.


2) Open your *.MDL in Hex Workshop and find "IDST". After "IDST" you must see the "," (IDST,). If after "IDST" you see "0" or "1", you must replace it to ",". Save your worl and exit.




3) Run Noesis and push "File -> Open". Chose your *.MDL




4) Push "File" ? chose "Export from preview". Model will be exported to *.OBJ.




5) Import your model to 3D Studio Max.


6) Now you must work wuth textures. Open the "Material\Models" directory and find the *.VTF with name, same to your *.MDL. Now, run texture converter and open tour *.VTF. After that push "File -> Export" and texture will be saved in *.TGA.




7) Now convert your *.TGA to *.BMP and use Flip Vertically on your texture.


8) Use your *.BMP on a model in 3DS Max and export scene to *.3DS.


Result in Zmodeler:




That is all. Thanks for attention:D

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