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Hello all,


Recently i play with mafia 2 files and i find some interesting files,


i use Rick tools SDS Explorer,dictionary tables-files tables.sds and ingame.sds...








If you open with SDS Explorer tables.sds,click on "XML" 




You open section of game files,


near end of list is:RadioCueDb in this file is all songs from game you can see all music have own ID




Go up you find Playlist file important file for play song in game,its replay song based on ID like Empire central radio  from ID 20 to id 40 mean that have this station 20 song a after got to 40 ID song its start again from ID 20,if you want more song you need  increase this value but its impossible because work from last updates F*ck you 2K Games :((




Joe Adventures have same system but have file JAPlaylist a have songs from updates,its work like i describe it up...






Same like songs cars have too own ID,its in ingame.sds if you open this file,open selection Table 


all season and some mission have traffic system and under-file of neighborhood,like CARM15DAMBIENT is 15 mission and ID is 150.




If you click on SEASONS_CARS_AMBIENT.tbl you got selection of some like this


140-CARM11_14DAMBIENT-its used in many free ride, and summer mission from 50ôyears


150-CARM15DAMBIENT-15 mission 






If you going up,CARM15MILLVILLE.tbl is file for 15 mission traffic ambient in neighborhood Millville,if you click on this file you can see some number values its ID of cars,probably from third line is ID for cars driving in neighborhood,all ambient file have neighborhoods files
















28-Hot_Rod_3 (Damn you 2K games this cars is in game in last mission and work it (missing only Hot_Rod_2 and Waybar these cars have his ID in game files its is 27 and 63 is waybar,all cars from DLC have ID in original game Delizia have number 49...)
















In other lines is 0 mean,you can rewrite it like with number 59 is for Cossack DLC car is too in original game...


If you rewrite it,you cant save it :(( .program dont have button for save for these .tbl files or i have old version...






















Sorry for my english i am Slovak...



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I actually tried to shoe in a new radio station to the game. It did show up ingame, but unfortunately it didn't read the files from the directory I made. IDK if it's because of some hardcoded object limiter, or something else that's keeping the game from playing any new stations or media.



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I added cut songs to Classic,Delta,Central from 50 years and working.


You must edit RadioCueDb and Playlist file...


Coming soon i relase my mod:2k Cut Radio mod


Now i working on 40 yeras,mod add 60 new songs...



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I've been looking at the same files. Apparently, Mafia II has a playlist system implemented for songs. Each song has an ID number, and playlists are kept in one of the files (as mentioned in OP) for each chapter, so that the songs can be played in a certain order. This was an aesthetic choice by the developers of the game, as they wanted certain songs to play in certain chapters to entertain the "mood" of the storyline in the game. It is possible to convert more songs into the correct file format, and "add" the songs to the song ID list and playlist files so that they show up, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet. If anyone could tell me how to edit the table files so that they do work, I'd highly appreciate it.




I also want to edit the traffic files for the game (CARM15DAMBIENT, etc) so that a wider variety of cars appear, as mentioned in the OP, but I can't, because the table files won't let you save them. I would like to edit the files so that older cars appear further into the game (like it did before the game was released), and also add the DLC cars to certain chapters so that they spawn in the game too. I was doing some digging inside the table files for the game in SDS Explorer, and I actually found a file that had the list for all the possible color combinations that cars spawn in inside the game, and I found out that all the DLC cars actually have more than one color combination listed, even though the three hotrods from Chapter 8 are the only DLC cars that actually use them, and all the other DLC cars only use one of the color combinations each. This consistently proves, along with the GDC 09 footage of Mafia II, that the DLC cars were originally supposed to be part of the actual list of cars in-game, but they were ripped out to be DLC only.



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Is there any way to open ingame.sds or tables.sds so that I can edit them and save them (without having to work with Hex Editors)? I've googled and googled for a good solution, but I can't find one anywhere. I really want to be able to edit the files in those two directories.



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