dtas_packer help? (Mafia 1)

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Hello everyone, i try out dtas_packer 1.0 program, and i have no idea why it isn't working for me. This program is created to re-pack DTAs files again, from unpacked resources (maps, models, tables, sounds and etc). Here, the "welcome" message from this progam:



DTAs Packer v1.0 by DDeM to Mafia game.


Program written using DDeM Console Interface (DDeMUtil->CI) v0.9.2


Syntax: "DTAs Packer.exe" [s:OutDir=Out]


Files A1.dta ... AC.dta must lay at DTAsDir folder!!!






1 of all - WHY i need to put the DTAsDIR location? And what the reason of it? I mean, i'l try to MAKE these dta's, from locating FilesDir.


But okay, i have default *.DTA files, and type next (my game is located at c:\maf ):




c:\maf>dtas_packer c:\maf c:\maf c:\




The progam is working okay, like it should be, BUT: at the end, i've got DEFAULT dta's at the c:\.    So, this program just duplicate default dta's, to OutDir folder, and thats all! Everything same, even the size of the dta files.




Anyone knows, how to you use it properly? All i need - is to pack all my unpacked resource folders (maps, models, tables, sounds and etc) to DTA's. Thank anyone, who will anwser me.



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