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Hello, everybody on Mafiascene, we are new modder group "2009" and we are working on one modification. But we can̫̉t make few things, and we are looking for some help.

Here is our statement:



-limited inventory

-cross doesn̫̉t take red or green colour when you point on enemy/friend

-after reloading, munition in a gun will disappear

-unlocked offense "pass on a red light"

-you can throw a weapon

-original HUD from GC 09 (also with civilian cars on the map)

-puchrases of clothing, weapons, fuel... are not longer so cheap

-in the story, there is everyday ruitine to go to Guiseppe and buy lockpicks or some gun...

-for larger actions you need to go to Harry to buy arsenal

-everytime you enter next chapter your inventory will reset and you will have only Colt 1911 (in Ch. 11 also Colt 1911 with a modified clip)

-enemies has better AI

-industry zone is much livier (there are some moving trucks, some hardworking men, etc...)

-in the evening after mission has some stores closed and you can rob it much easier

-after you get hurt, all of screen become red, just like on GC09

-in melee fights is removed slow motion


There are not all items because there are something done. ;)

Greetings, 2009.

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First,welcome to our community!

Sounds like you want to make the game harder and more realistic ;)

We have good moders here so i think you can speak with them.

You should speak with an admin- Joshua,Crazypreacher or Mike Bruski

At mafiascene.net we have a very nice community so i'm sure that you will have a good time here ;)




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First thinks first welcome amoung us. I'm sure you will find what you look for, our modders will be please to share some knowlegde that will be usefull :)

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welcome modder group "2009" and its members : 2009, 8ewo8, Majkl and MetalCat.

I see that after my response to your message on my Youtube channel, you've finally decide to post here.


I now understand better what you want to realize, your work is similar to that of our friend Andrashi http://mafiascene.net/forums/67

and his first mod "M2 Roth Reminiscence of the Hype" http://www.moddb.com/mods/mafia-ii-remi ... f-the-hype


modification which focuses on the files : "ingame.sds" "tables.sds"


Good luck to you.


on my Youtube channel, I board not very well understood your request

"We want to ask you, if we can make subquests with scripts from DLCs. And if yes, then how?"


but if you want to work on the history of the game.

Please note, that there is only the script of the Freeride, which was decompiled.

you can not change the script of the story of the game and DLC.

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Welcome guys, I hope you will do what you want ;)



I can bet that this video made you do start this.







Anyway, good luck 2009 group ;)

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Thanks everybody for respond ;-)


eXistenZ34: Yes, we are with Andrashi in contact, we are cooperate with him and he is also our unofficial member. ;-) :) ...

Yes, that modification really changes files ingame.sds and tables.sds, but there is more, also ingame_gui.sds (HUD.dds) for original speedometer, wanted statuses...


How do you mean it that decompiled is only Freeride file? If FR was decompiled, it must docompile other files, or not?.. :blink: We heard about program LUAdec, it was modified for MII by s0beit and sztupy, so we decided to contact s0beit. We waited few weeks and nothing...


So we want to ask here ;-)


And... just a detail :-D... 2009 is not member of us... :D it̫̉s just a name of our group :-:D



Cole Phelps: Thank you ;-) and yes, you are right, it is ;-) :D But then we watched also GDS 09 because of wanted statuses ;-) and lots of other screens, videos, previews... such as E3 09 Buzzsaw misson and Room Service...

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so basicly waht your doing is your gonna have original hud from the gamescon gameplay, have it that you get weapons license and can show it to cops if caught, original wardobe etc etc, so that looks crazy, too bad im on xbox version but if you guys do this and its all good and the delzia has its original sound, and the original mission for it for cito rather then joe i guess i can work my way around to try this mod out once you guys release a beta, so this is basicly the beta version when empire bay was empire city and i made a thread on hwo the beta was so differnt then alpha, i do like the old hud but the old spedometer looks like you cant read it, weapon license looks good along with the mission that was changed around to be for joe not vito, but i dont belive theres tons and tons of cut missions and that only the mission that i hope you guys will recreate properly like we see in trailer is the onyl one cut but was added to joe, good luck on scriping new shit etc etc i have faith in you guys! (any misspeels bear with me i type fast and dont feel liek proofreading)

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Welcome to mafiascene!

(I'm pretty sure i already posted here lol)

Nice idea by the way :D

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2009, you got +1 from me ;)



I also hope that you will make it similar a bit to the original Mafia 2, before cutting by 2K :)

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poznan: Yes, that is our dream, but we know now, that some things like original wardrobe menu is not possible for this time... So we are also waiting for technology progress in modding of Mafia II, then we will make everything else, what is missing and once you will have GamesCom 2009 demo version of the game ;-) but now, we are focusing on possible moddification...


And beta version will be soon avalible!


johncena1 Thank you ;-)

Cole Phelps Thanks ;-) we are trying ;-) (Y) We will post here beta version and then we want to hea, what do you think and some ideas or something, what you spotted in GC demo or some other stuff from 2009 year... ;-)

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Cole: Only one, but it is only tesing, I don̫̉t know if it can be called gameplay :D :




And we will make some gameplay, soon. ;-)

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Hello group 2009,

sounds interresting :)


I think one of the biggest problems for modding MAII are the compiled/crypted LUA Scripts.

Some weeks ago i dl'ed all the LUAdec stuff.

I tried to understand the src, made comments und setted up a debug evironment.

Unluckily i used a virtualmachine for that, by accident i resetted this VM, so all my efforts was lost.

well, doesnt really matter, because there was not much results yet.

I had most of the .luac from MaII extracted with ricks tools and run throug luadec.

The result was not satisfying and luadec crashed or stopped with errors, when the run was completed

there was a lot of unresolved / missing code in the result.

Well the lua interpreter inside mafiaII.exe can execute the code, so there schould be a possibilty

to decompile it.

- its not a binary optimized code like a modern c-compiler would generate

- if you open an extracted .luac from MAII with an editor (e.g. notepad++) you still

can see/guess what the code does

But luadec would need some seriuos work to get the correct decompiling done.

Althoug i think that 2k "cooks there own soup with the .luac" (something special and not standard in the

lua headers)

In any case, succesful decompiling of the .luac's would be a greath breakthrough for maII modding.




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So, hello there, again :D .. First, we want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our gruop =).

Second, we want you introduce you new beta mod released today like Christmas gift :) ...

We have been working on it for few last months, and now we have completed one of our main thing, what we wanted ;-).. It is a original map from GamesCom 09 demo!! =)) then we've edited some little things, you can all find in ReadMe file =)).

Read about it here and in ReadMe file, too =)



P.S.: Cole: You mean trains? =)) Well, I don't really know :D but maybe, it would be possible... Someday =))

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P.S.: Cole: You mean trains? =)) Well' date=' I don't really know :D but maybe, it would be possible... Someday =))[/quote']


Yup, travelling by trains 8)


Merry Christmas for you, too :)

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