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Hello people,




I came up with this idea, to edit the amount and types of police that spawn during the wanted level and was wondering if this was possible?



I just registered on this site so I have no idea what can and can't be done :) I don't know if police spawns are hardcoded or not and wether it is possible to spawn additional enemies with a script while wanted.


There isn't that much I would change, I thought it might be cool to have those SWAT police officers from Joe's adventures Supermarket mission show up on foot during free ride at the highsest wanted rating.




I'm also wondering if you can set the amount of police patrolling the streets of Empire bay, the weapons they use and also how much wanted level a crime is worth (for example how many cops you need to kill for the wanted status to go from 3 to 4 stars)




Thanks for reading.



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You can control the spawning in city_crash.sds using SpawnCivilian.lua.AP, I'm not sure if it affects police though modifying this file though does lively up the city alot though


PM me, I might make this happen it's fairly easy

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