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Competition for the weekend!

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Have an idea of ââ¬â¹Ã¢â¬â¹the various competitions for the Mafia, as large modifications do longer and harder, and contests so good that they are easy to make and then spend it on championships, and along with a good warm up, and if there is interest in the future, you can do similar contests scheduled. Those who have tried before to take part in such missions, represent the essence of the contest: to find hidden in objects (objects, machines, people, etc.), to track down and kill someone, or catch up to win the race. A fact confirmed success of this mission will be the final screenshot, that is, you should be able to take screenshots in the Mafia (easier to use the program: FRAPS 1.9D or Fraps 3.59). And, of course, it will be useful to those who want to try their hand at modding.


To participate in the championship you need to download a file from the proposed scene2 archive and install it to your Mafia => Missions => Freeride (or other designated mission) in a completely empty folder. Then download the game, select the "Walk" / "City-day" - and more adventures.


The competition: this is the usual free ride (or other standard mission), you can kill gangsters get their guns and money for treatment. Once you complete the necessary task (usually direction until the compass points), go to the place which indicates same compass (or it may be in the same place and not have to go), and, while there will be sign of gratitude from the Don Salieri, take a screenshot of your result your travel time instead of reading the amount of money Tommy. Here is your bill. Account shows the time you have spent during the competition. Smaller it is - the better. Enjoy your search, surprises and a good time results! Bonne chance!


Go on only their own contests:


*Konkurso XXXIII

[spoiler:2kuoucc3]Championship Mafia. Competition - collect 10 logos for Don, worth $ 10.

The competition for location FREERIDE (day).

So, today, in place of the Lost Haven New sports competitions. Don Salieri decided to take the team, of course, Tommy, Paulie, Sam ... and earrings.

You must collect 10 logos in any way marked ëWGû (which is not much more, and their location by chance). But first race: should definitely come first, but when Sergei overtake, so Tom worthy in the relay to participate, start over again. How come the finish line - wait for Sergei, without him, "will be lighted not" lights. Paulie and Sam can wait, can not wait, how come running, then stop and wait for Tom, if he comes back (and they still come in handy). But do not loiter long: Have time when the needle and take another logo, well, if not, just know that come to Salieri's "visitors" and do not talk! If Paulie Sam Salieri or die, will end. Along the way encounter various enemies: kill, push car - here is more convenient and faster (I advise to press and knife kill). If you need a weapon, ask friends to take away the enemies. The first logo to see the latter's Point after the race, the next - the arrow on the beautiful effects, and sometimes by swarms of enemies (and sometimes do find you). During the race, do not worry about bridges and do not need to boil the pot, and a cut (understand if you try). If the cops would get - remove them, but with more fun, especially if you sit in a gangster's Blackhawk. Gangsters quite a bit - it's just visitors. If necessary, season: at the expense of no affect, pays Sam!) Health Tom will recover a little, but not immediately, but friends at once immediately . If you need to accelerate the race to Tom - whistle (but only once). Luke Service is not working - unable to repair at home (in the garage to call in, right valve from the street). Saving just before the race, the competition tough, so try! How to take the 10 logos (the main thing that the sum was $ 10), go to the garage and Salieri skrinte as there is an inscription of gratitude. That's your account. The account shows the time you spent during the competition. The smaller - the better. Surprises and a good time results!

It would be good to spread to this topic screenshots made by the program FRAPS, with the result - the time of passage of the competition, you'll see once gain of $ 10, collecting logos marked with "WG", and go back to the bar to the very Don Salieri Salieri, who actually see after the mini-movie with the words of gratitude to Don. Good luck!





*Konkurso XXXVII

[spoiler:2kuoucc3]Help get the truck safely to the warehouse Salieri. In general, remember 9 mission. Start in mission 20, the city, and this is NOT the freeride!



*Konkurso XXXVIII

[spoiler:2kuoucc3]Start the mission 7, the city - where to Paulie went wet bullies, revenge for Sarah. In early Biffu to go, then wet :)






*Konkurso XXXIX

[spoiler:2kuoucc3]Start in mission 4 (MISE04-MOTOREST) ââ¬â¹Ã¢â¬â¹motel Clark, and it is also not freeride! Save Sam, and by the Poly - the instructions :)



*Konkurso XL

[spoiler:2kuoucc3]Start in Freeride (finally!). In the beginning it will be a small movie, which looks only once, then save - and ahead of the compass :)


==> Attention! At the scene of the contest added script free camera for new movies: the one who will use it - get your result -50 ms, as with it a bit unusual, but very real and beautiful drive (for example, the result of "60000", and 50, will be "59990" for motivation so to speak - no longer can give is to be dishonest.) But under conditions laid out, in addition to the screenshot, the final movie, where at least about 80% of it will take the form of a free camera - does anyone even understand me? :) The script operates on key HANDBRAKE and HANDBRAKE1, and only as long as Tom is in the car. Exit from the free camera - secondary the "action." Capisce? Buona fortuna! :)




More competitions here - but for now, that's it! ;)


[blink:2kuoucc3][center:2kuoucc3]BUONA FORTUNA![/center:2kuoucc3][/blink:2kuoucc3]

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I cannot complete Konkurso XXXIII. When I am on the second checkpoint my car begin slow. Please help. How can I complete?

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==> AZZ012909,

Use the button "horn" or second button "horn", ie just whistle and instantly run to the finish line (with the compass-arrow). Good luck!

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