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COLT 1911 MINI-MOD: bye for now - v.3.3!

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Probably already sick of all - all trifle, but that, at times, needs for the progress, even the little things are not all at once! ;)


COLT 1911 MINI-MOD v.3.3 is a new mini-modification for Mafia: The City of Lost - Heaven! :D

This, of course, God knows what, but you can have some fun - mini-modification, in one word!


So, Colt 1911 Mini-Mod v.3.3


Second name, perhaps is the "Bloody butchery, or kaput to the cops". Still! - so much cops will not see in an ordinary day on streets and quarters of Lost - Heaven. The main dessert of this mini-modification will be the prepared script for firing from a colt 1911, now MORE POWERFUL and PROCESSED, with new explosive effects. It is now possible yet steeper to have fun, so that - be careful, cops! :) In the version 2.1 - no tree's pack!


When will shoot from the "old man of Colt" in a frame there will be an explosion, and nearest typewriter will explode, but it looks now more beautiful, more powerful and more precisely. In general, very nice. But it yet not all. There is yet pair-three of pleasant surprises. Shoot simply on the key of shot, - now all works as necessary. So:




- It is SCRIPT of TAKING away of HEALTH For ENEMIES, if they will be on <10m (30ft) from Tommy (yet they will throw heavy barrels, that Tommy easier was: suddenly much - and one hero! - but instead of them something other will be got, and it looks very amusedly);

- TRY to USE KEY of LIMITATION of SPEED (usually F5) - too laid up, on an amateur so to say;

- TURBO-SCRIPT is ADDED FROM AKAY: to jump out is the key of additional jump, the mode of "turbo" on the key is an additional "fire";

- ONE PERSON is ALSO ADDED To LITTLE ITALY, nothing special, simply that it will with whom kill yet - carefully, he as GOD healthy, but as soon as will hammer - able to use one merry script with possibility of viewing outside (works on the key of OBJECTIVES (usually F1) and in the distance a to 5 m must be both comrades), - look only do not burst from a laughter;

- SCRIPT of URGENT JUMPING out is ALSO ADDED FROM WHEELBARROW (body-guards will jump out after Tom) on the key of jump;

- It is + SCRIPT of FREE CAMERA - a long ago wanted to complete (looked, combined with the scripts of chambers of Golod55 and Mr F, and also Cameraman by MikeMouse, well and added with corrections and additions under modification, - works only when Tom in a machine ON KEY of HANDBRAKE and HANDBRAKE1 (hand brake or blank): there will be fully a free chamber on HANDBRAKE, on HANDBRAKE1 the certain foreshortening is shown, but if go out from a machine or if the second time will press the key of HANDBRAKE (blank) in any mode, a chamber will go back into initial position, only carefully press, very perceptibly from commandblocks, but it is now possible to take off not bad rollers) something a like;

=== WARNING! have some troubles: I was there a couple of labels after the change confused :-\ so I recommend to try this mini-mod ==> FREECAMERA MOD v.1.0 http://www.sendspace.com/file/luxzui ===

- FOR to TAKE a walk AT NIGHT ADDED NIGHT MODE, i.e. load or FREERIDE, or FREERIDENOC (by the way, service Lucas Bertone's serves as a bridge between them for comfort);

For version 3.0:

- Tip: Do not start a freeride gangster's/cop's wheelbarrow ;D ;

- Added suicide in a limousine;

- Edited the script to get the bonus rate;

- Charlie is now more difficult to eliminate;

- If the whistle (key optional whistle) a passing gangster Falconer, he will stop and the guys just settle into a pair of Tommy's seats, or one, or with buddies;

- Added the location is set, removed the night mode;

- In village conservation in the booth at the motel, there are cops and gangsters;

- Slightly modified turbo-script (press additional (second) jump and press additional (second) Fire - 2 types of jumping and turbo mode);

- Decrease/increase in cars - press speed limit (and optional);

- Changed for the better script free camera: working on a space (parking brake) + press additional (second) space (to get out of the camera, or leave the car, or press additional (second) action ... is now more clearly works!)

- Most importantly - the firing mode of the 1911 Colt is now a double (or even the last not quite look real, but now more powerful!);

- In village, a small waterfall...

For version 3.1:

- try now a script of camera and piss;

- watch on gansters - it's very-very funny :)

- to call a gangster Blackhawk - use the key "horn", to climb into the car - it is, to jump, when Tom was sitting in the car with the gangster bodyguards - key press "jump" (JUMP);

For version 3.2:

- Added DYNAMITE - to use the secondary key "Sit down". Why is the secondary? And so Tommy could just sit without action, without installing anything - to check that the settings for what key is responsible action "secondary sit down", and indeed whether it is installed? (And to set the dynamite, it is necessary that they should be in the inventory of Tommy searches for the gangsters of the traffic that "blood", or ask Sam and Paulie). That is, "Blood" will be gangsters, if they jump to Tommy machine, which will not be Paulie or Sam (just give up at the time of their services), and then die, for example, from a strong collision (Tom did not die - more than health), and then thrown out of their cars from the bloodied corpse, full of explosives that could be used, and Tommy;

For version 3.3:

- Now the mode of "turbo" (or "nitro", if you want) is switched on only after a visit to the Service Bertone (but included the first 5 times - it's free), and in the village mode "turbo" is active only at 10 times (this is in avoid "unnecessary operations" over the country);

- About the service Bertone has a "secret" car - the traffic of these do not happen, and it is possible a "secret dialogue" with bodyguards;

- Added a "secret dialogue" between the bodyguards;

- Added new big nice trees and russian telephone boxes (^_*)/


=== Achtung! Screenshots and videos from the first part! ===







In any case, to compare the first part... Colt 1911 mini-mod v.1.0


And videoclip: [spoiler:3o66447w][youtube:3o66447w]


Well, seem all - and other it is possible to look over in a search... I hope, will please you, and successes! Merci! And sorry for translate very-very! Like everything, try it! Good luck! OBRIGADO & ÃÂ¥ÃâÃÂÃâºÃÂ! And I'm sorry, I did not video posted - no fraps once, and video from the tester removed by the user... so I hope, curiosity will prevail! ;)


P.S. new video - Mafia Dancing 4!


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