Tutorial by djbozkosz: Glow Objects

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Somebody asked to me how to create glow objects in 4ds models. So I written a little tutorial how do it:


Requirements: Zmodeler, hex editor.




1. Open Zmodeler and create flat object with 0 horizontal and vertical steps. (Create -> Surfaces -> Flat).

In face mode delete one polygon in the object.

Copy object (to center origin of object) and delete old object.

Note: in the picture is a Cube, but this object isn't important.

Select glow object, in Material Editor create new material with eg. 00glow.bmp texture, apply to glow object and deselect it.

Save model and export it to models as 4ds file.


2. and 3. Open 4ds file in some hex editor and find name of glow object.

After name select 115 bytes (this is a mesh data and some parameters) and replace then with: 000100000000 (6 bytes).


4. Go to begin of object and replace: 0100002A to: 0106002A

Notes: 01 is object type (05 is sector and 06 is dummy)

06 after 01 is object subtype (00 is standard, 03 is morphing object, 04 is BBRD - rotating to camera, 06 is glow and 08 is mirror)


That's all. Save the file, run the Mafia and look how is seems in the game.


Below this pictures is one line analysis what means values behind the object name. So you can create extended glow objects with more glows in the one object in 4ds model, but it is usable only for models in Backdrop sector, like lensflares in skyboxes.


I used it for create sun rays in Boz Mod, but this is first beta version of this rays. There are prerendered 16 textures with rays.

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