1950's Traffic

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This mod replaces cars from 40's winter traffic to a cars from 50's summer traffic and some cars in summer traffic. In my opinion, this mod is good for a freeride.




Car list (in the left - default cars):




Smith Coupe - Smith Custom 200


Culver Empire Police Special - Smith Custom 200 Police Special


Shubert 38 Taxi - Quicksilver Windsor Taxi


Shubert 38 - Smith Mainline


Shubert 38 Panel Truck - Shubert Beverley


Shubert AB - Chaffeque XT


Walter Rocket - Chaffeque XT


Walter Coupe - Walter Utility


Smith Wagon Deluxe - Walter Utility


Smith V8 - Potomac Indian


Milk Truck - Milk Truck with no logo




Screen: feeead46d21b.jpg













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