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Hello Mafia Scene!

We wanted to give you a little information about our new downloads section.

Our download section will have the standard categories. Mafia I, Mafia II, Mafia III.

From here, the categories will be further broken down into sub-categories. We haven't decided on all those sub-categories yet so please send us your feedback about what you'd like to see!

Traditional download sections allow the user to upload a file, set a description and that is all. With our new download section the modder will be able to choose if he/she wants that file to be free or paid. If he/she chooses it to be a paid file then the cost will need to be set. In addition, a renewal option can also be set. The renewal fee is available to those modders who want to maintain their mod, or work on it to release updates on a regular schedule.

This is just one of the ways we plan to help our modding community. We know that coding a mod is an arduous task and takes many hours and late night hair pulling sessions. We hope that this will allow our modders to get excited about their work and to release quality updates.

In addition, we will enable our rating system on those files. If a mod gets too many negative ratings with supporting feedback, then the file can be removed from the system. We want to maintain the quality of the files hosted here and with that, any abandoned files shall be removed as well.

OH! We wanted to show you a short video showing the upload screen.

We invite your feedback and if you are a Mafia modder an are interested in hosting your mod here, please contact us using our "Private Inquiry" forum.




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