LUA script :script regeneration (Egor [SLM]).

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dim_act 1

dim_flt 1

getactiveplayer 0


label regen

human_getproperty 0,0, Energy

if flt[0]<100, -1, regen

wait 2000\\the rate of regeneration

human_getproperty 0,0, Energy

let flt[0]=flt[0]+1

human_setproperty 0,flt[0],Energy

goto regen





Let me know if it worth it for me to translate those from Russian to English

at my age i have the time to do it :)


or making a special page for them

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Nice script, I was thinking about something like that for a new project and there it is. ;D


That would be a killer resource to have!



(took me a while to find this, because I didn't know mafia 1 script was a Lua script, I knew Mafia 2 was but I am done banging my head against that game.)

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