useful for sound modder in mafia 2

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dialogue Vito Joe Henry are in

- sds_fr/fmv for me

- sds_en/fmv

- sds_ru/fmv

- ....


they are linked to the chapter and must operate with



but I have not been able to make it work


in this topic

http://mafiascene.net/forum/22-existenz ... d-of-three

i use

game.game:GetActivePlayer():DoTalkAI("StreetTalk"..i) + walking with three other control (otherwise, does not work)

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I found the music for the cathouse.


off the subject : when you activate "StreamMapLine" in the Cathouse.

after, you can not return in the FR


and it is annoying and with file change I do not have access to the entitys.

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