some script for mafia 2

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Scripts weather :


game.gfx:SetWeatherTemplate("DTFreeRideDayRain") ---rain during the day

game.gfx:SetWeatherTemplate("DTFreeRideMorning") ---morning after the rain

game.hud:TimerStop() ---disable the timer and remove from the screen

game.gfx:SetWeatherTemplate("DTFreerideNight") ---night




script for money :


game.game:GetActivePlayer():InventoryAddMoney(1000 0) ---money ($ 1 thousand)



script of immortality


game.game:GetActivePlayer():SetDemigod(true) ---immortality




Police scripts :


ai.police:SetDensity(0) game.traffic:SetPolice(false) ---police on you does not respond




Teleport Script :


game.game:GetActivePlayer():SetPos(Math:newVector(-1500, 0, 0)) ---Teleport - two brackets at the end is not a bug - and -1500, 0, 0 is the position of the last example is the height of toe 10 will put 10 meters in height, etc.




Scripts music :


game.game:PlayMusic("m05_Distilery_Secondfloor", true, 1, 1, 1) ---music of the mission




Joe script :



Spawn Joe next to you with a weapon. Go for it you will not but if you were attacked he

would defend

Joe = game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("Joe")

Vito = game.game:GetActivePlayer()


Joe:InventoryAddWeapon(11, 250)

Joe:InventorySelect(21, false)

Enter on each line of the queue - unzip the game and Joe will be with you



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Thanks,and what tools are you using? I'm using Injector7 for it.

I want a better tool.

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