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Mafia 1 - Models of characters

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I wanted to replace some characters in-game (just for fun B) ), but I don't know the names of them. Can someone make a list of these models and place it here or find it somewhere on the Internet and give a link to it.


I tried to find it, but with no success.

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Sorry, I meant name of the model - like the cars, e.g. Falconer Gangster -> black00.4ds. I want the same with people, e.g. Sarah - name of the model.4ds.

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There is no such thing for people, for cars there is this:


; Car Model Alias File

; Format:

; "" ""


; Note: Model files need to be specified with *.i3d extension!


"Bolt Ace Coupe Blue" "fordtco00.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Coupe Dark Blue" "fordtco01.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Coupe Brown" "fordtco02.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Coupe Green" "fordtco03.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Coupe Red" "fordtco04.i3d"


"Bolt Ace Fordor Blue" "fordtFor00.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Fordor Dark Blue" "fordtFor01.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Fordor Brown" "fordtFor02.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Fordor Green" "fordtFor03.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Fordor Red" "fordtFor04.i3d"


"Bolt Ace Pickup Blue" "fordtpi00.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Pickup Dark Blue" "fordtpi01.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Pickup Brown" "fordtpi02.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Pickup Green" "fordtpi03.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Pickup Red" "fordtpi04.i3d"


"Bolt Ace Runabout Blue" "fordtru00.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Runabout Dark Blue" "fordtru01.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Runabout Brown" "fordtru02.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Runabout Green" "fordtru03.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Runabout Red" "fordtru04.i3d"


"Bolt Ace Touring Blue" "fordtto00.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Touring Dark Blue" "fordtto01.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Touring Brown" "fordtto02.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Touring Green" "fordtto03.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Touring Red" "fordtto04.i3d"


"Bolt Ace Tudor Blue" "fordttud00.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Tudor Dark Blue" "fordttud01.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Tudor Brown" "fordttud02.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Tudor Green" "fordttud03.i3d"

"Bolt Ace Tudor Red" "fordttud04.i3d"


"Bolt Model B Cabriolet Brown" "ForAca00.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Cabriolet Red" "ForAca01.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Cabriolet Green" "ForAca02.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Cabriolet Dark Blue" "ForAca03.i3d"


"Bolt Model B Coupe Brown" "ForAcou00.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Coupe Red" "ForAcou01.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Coupe Green" "ForAcou02.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Coupe Dark Blue" "ForAcou03.i3d"


"Bolt Model B Delivery Brown" "ForAde00.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Delivery Red" "ForAde01.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Delivery Green" "ForAde02.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Delivery Dark Blue" "ForAde03.i3d"


"Bolt Model B Fordor Brown" "ForAfo00.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Fordor Red" "ForAfo01.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Fordor Green" "ForAfo02.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Fordor Dark Blue" "ForAfo03.i3d"


"Bolt Model B Pickup Brown" "ForApic00.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Pickup Red" "ForApic01.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Pickup Green" "ForApic02.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Pickup Dark Blue" "ForApic03.i3d"


"Bolt Model B Roadster Brown" "ForAro00.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Roadster Red" "ForAro01.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Roadster Green" "ForAro02.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Roadster Dark Blue" "ForAro03.i3d"


"Bolt Model B Tudor Brown" "ForAtu00.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Tudor Red" "ForAtu01.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Tudor Green" "ForAtu02.i3d"

"Bolt Model B Tudor Dark Blue" "ForAtu03.i3d"


"Bolt V8 Coupe Green" "forVco00.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Coupe Red" "forVco01.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Coupe Blue" "forVco02.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Coupe Grey" "forVco03.i3d"


"Bolt V8 Fordor Green" "forVfor00.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Fordor Red" "forVfor01.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Fordor Blue" "forVfor02.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Fordor Grey" "forVfor03.i3d"


"Bolt V8 Roadster Green" "forVro00.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Roadster Red" "forVro01.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Roadster Blue" "forVro02.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Roadster Grey" "forVro03.i3d"


"Bolt V8 Touring Green" "forVto00.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Touring Red" "forVto01.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Touring Blue" "forVto02.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Touring Grey" "forVto03.i3d"


"Bolt V8 Tudor Green" "forVtud00.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Tudor Red" "forVtud01.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Tudor Blue" "forVtud02.i3d"

"Bolt V8 Tudor Grey" "forVtud03.i3d"


"Brubaker 4WD" "miller00.i3d"


"Brauno Speedster 851 Silver" "speedster00.i3d"

"Brauno Speedster 851 Red" "speedster01.i3d"

"Brauno Speedster 851 Green" "speedster02.i3d"


"Caesar 8C 2300 Racing" "alfa00.i3d"

"Caesar 8C Mostro Red" "alfa8C00.i3d"

"Caesar 8C Mostro Black" "alfa8C01.i3d"


"Celeste Marque 500 White" "merced500K00.i3d"

"Celeste Marque 500 Brown" "merced500K01.i3d"


"Corrozella C-Otto 4WD Blue" "bugatti00.i3d"

"Corrozella C-Otto 4WD Green" "bugatti01.i3d"


"Crusader Chromim Fordor Blue" "pontFor00.i3d"

"Crusader Chromim Fordor Pink" "pontFor01.i3d"

"Crusader Chromim Tudor Green" "pontTud00.i3d"

"Crusader Chromim Tudor Dark Blue" "pontTud01.i3d"


"Falconer Blue" "blackha00.i3d"

"Falconer Pink" "blackha01.i3d"

"Falconer Gangster" "black00.i3d"

"Falconer Yellowcar" "taxi00.i3d"


"Guardian Terraplane Coupe Pink" "hudcou00.i3d"

"Guardian Terraplane Coupe Beige" "hudcou01.i3d"

"Guardian Terraplane Coupe Black" "hudcou02.i3d"


"Guardian Terraplane Fordor Pink" "hudfor00.i3d"

"Guardian Terraplane Fordor Beige" "hudfor01.i3d"

"Guardian Terraplane Fordor Black" "hudfor02.i3d"


"Guardian Terraplane Tudor Pink" "hudtu00.i3d"

"Guardian Terraplane Tudor Beige" "hudtu01.i3d"

"Guardian Terraplane Tudor Black" "hudtu02.i3d"


"Lassister V16 Appolon" "hartmann00.i3d"

"Lassister V16 Charron" "hearseCa00.i3d"

"Lassister V16 Fordor" "cad_ford00.i3d"

"Lassister V16 Phaeton" "cad_phaeton00.i3d"

"Lassister V16 Police" "polCad00.i3d"

"Lassister V16 Roadster" "cad_road00.i3d"


"Schubert Extra Six Fordor Green" "chemaFor00.i3d"

"Schubert Extra Six Fordor White" "chemaFor01.i3d"

"Schubert Extra Six Fordor Blue" "chemaFor02.i3d"

"Schubert Extra Six Fordor Police" "polimFor00.i3d"

"Schubert Extra Six Tudor Green" "chematud00.i3d"

"Schubert Extra Six Tudor White" "chematud01.i3d"

"Schubert Extra Six Tudor Blue" "chematud02.i3d"

"Schubert Extra Six Tudor Police" "polimTud00.i3d"

"Schubert Six Red" "chev00.i3d"

"Schubert Six White" "chev01.i3d"

"Schubert Six Black" "chev02.i3d"

"Schubert Six Police" "poli00.i3d"


"Silver Fletcher" "arrow00.i3d"


"Thor 810 Phaeton FWD Orange" "cordph00.i3d"

"Thor 810 Phaeton FWD Black" "cordph01.i3d"

"Thor 810 Sedan FWD Orange" "cordse00.i3d"

"Thor 810 Sedan FWD Black" "cordse01.i3d"

"Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD Orange" "cordca00.i3d"

"Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD Black" "cordca01.i3d"


"Trautenberg Model J" "deuseJco00.i3d"

"Trautenberg Racer 4WD" "deusenberg00.i3d"


"Ulver Airstream Fordor Yellow" "airflFor00.i3d"

"Ulver Airstream Fordor Green" "airflFor01.i3d"

"Ulver Airstream Tudor Yellow" "airfltud00.i3d"

"Ulver Airstream Tudor Green" "airfltud01.i3d"


"Wright Coupe Blue" "buiCou00.i3d"

"Wright Coupe Green" "buiCou01.i3d"

"Wright Coupe Gangster" "buigang00.i3d"

"Wright Fordor Blue" "buiFor00.i3d"

"Wright Fordor Green" "buiFor01.i3d"


"Bolt Ambulance" "Ambulance00.i3d"

"Bolt Firetruck" "fire00.i3d"

"Bolt Hearse" "hearse00.i3d"

"Bolt Truck Flatbed" "truckA00.i3d"

"Bolt Truck Covered" "truckB00.i3d"

"Bolt Truck" "truckBx00.i3d"


"Black Dragon 4WD" "blackdragon00.i3d"

"Black Metal 4WD" "chevroletm6H00.i3d"

"Bob Mylan 4WD" "hotrodp200.i3d"

"Bolt-Thrower" "Thunderbird00.i3d"

"Crazy Horse" "FThot00.i3d"

"Demoniac" "fordTH00.i3d"

"Discorder 4WD" "hotrodp300.i3d"

"Flame Spear 4WD" "hotrodp600.i3d"

"Flamer" "Flamer00.i3d"

"Flower Power" "fordAdelH00.i3d"

"Hillbilly 5.1 FWD" "Tbirdold00.i3d"

"Hotrod" "FordHOT00.i3d"

"Luciferon FWD" "hotrodp500.i3d"

"Manta Prototype" "phantom00.i3d"

"Manta Taxi FWD" "phantomtaxi00.i3d"

"Masseur" "fordApick00.i3d"

"Masseur Taxi" "fordApickTaxi00.i3d"

"Mutagen FWD" "cord_sedanH00.i3d"

"Speedee 4WD" "hotrodp400.i3d"


"Beatle Custom" "brouk00.i3d"

"Bulldozer" "Bull00.i3d"

"Bus" "bus00.i3d"

"Monster Truck" "Bigfoot00.i3d"

"Monster Truck American Flag" "Bigfoot.i3d"

"Moto" "9motorka.i3d"

"Toyota 4x4 Concept Car" "toyota00.i3d"

"Traktor" "traktor.i3d"

"Xeon" "xedos00.i3d"

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Cars I know already, but I'm looking for people's models. On some Czech site I've founded instruction how to replace Tommy with Morello Senior. They just have to have some names :silly:

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Yep, but this game has lots of models and it wouldn't be easy to find the people's names.






There is something like 'tommy.i3d' - model for main character in-game.

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Major Characters

Thomas "Tommy" Angelo



Don Salieri

Frank Colletti




Don Morello

Sergio Morello Jr.

Other/Minor Characters

Lucas Bertone





Big Biff

Little Tony



Idiot Joe




Marge Colletti

Alice Colletti

William "Bill" Gates



City Councilor

Don Peppone

Yellow Pete

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