Potomac Indian Lowrider

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About This File:

Potomac Indian Lowrider by Dgumba

This car can take the place of an original game car by renaming it to the car you want to replace.

Original car name : potomac_indian.sds

I am using “wespe”. I had to add the car through the content file in one of my DLCs to get it in game as a seperate car.

Basic replacement instructions:

1. Rename original game files to 0potomac_indian.sds and 0potomac_indian_z.sds (the zero usually puts the file at the top of the list so you can easily find it to change back).

2. Rename desta.sds and desta_z.sds files within the cnt_lowrider/sds/cars folder to potomac_indian.sds / potomac_indian_z.sds and put them in your Mafia II/pc/sds/cars folder you will replace the original game car for summer and winter. I made the winter z car a little higher so rename the files accordingly.


Instructions for seperate new game car.

Add my cnt_lowrider file to your dlcs folder. If you do not have any DLCs make a new folder called dlcs and put it in your Mafia II/pc folder then add cnt_lowrider to it. If it does not work just replace an original game car with the new file see “Basic Replacement” above.


I changed a few things for this car modification.

1. Changed the location of the suspension front and bacK. (lower)
2. Changed the interior to leather with a “Day of the Dead” (holiday) Mexican lace pattern.
3. Added 50s style body accent stripes with art inserts (same lace)
4. Changed the horn to air horns with a musical tune.
5. Moved the front suspension in to give the wheels room to stay under the car when turning.

This is a “Lowrider” 50s era correct car so there are no hydraulics just cut or heated springs to get the car as close to the ground as possible. That being said there is the problem with going over curbs or some man hole covers depending on the tuning level. I did not change the suspension or engine tuning so the slight car lift you get and power from the original tuning settings won’t change. If the car raised 1-2 in before it does now and so on.

If you can use my dlcs in your version of the game FYI I will be adding to this Lowrider DLC.

If you know anything about adapting this dlc to any version let me know so I can make it available for all versions of the game.