• Hi, most of all I lovev how mods of cars turned on corners and one of my favourite cars was BMW 2001 7 series and Mercedes the special edition withe beautiful tires.

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    • Were they Mafia II mods? I will take a look to see if I have them and can upload them to the download section.

  • Copied the OCX files that came with it to the Windows/SysWOW folder and then in a command window, ran the following for each of the OCX files that come up with error messages:

    C:WINDOWSsystem32>regsvr32 “C:WindowsSysWOW64richtx32.OCX”

    The fix generally found on the web is for (I’m guessing) 32 bit machines using the Windows/system32 folder which…Read More

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  • Many years ago, I customised all the destinations and added screenshots of locations for when the passenger got in.


    I forgot how I did that and where I found out how to do it. Anybody care to refresh my memory?

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  • It’s been years since I played but I’m back having bought Mafia 1 off GOG. Anyway I thought there was a key binding to bring up the taxi destination view or did I just dream this?

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    Hello Mafia Scene!

    We recently had to do a server migration as the old server was pretty ancient technology. The server migration was a success. However; we seem to be having some issues with our email system at this time. We wanted to let you know we are aware of the issue and have reached out to our hosting company to resolve this issue.

    If…Read More

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